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Shanghai NULE cold and warm Equipment Co., Ltd.Integration of the world's leading supplier of resources, adhere to“T、E、Q、S”(Technology, energy saving, quality, service) management of the core concepts of scientific enterprise management, and constantly develop "environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency" products, the product structure has gradually formed a central air conditioning, commercial air conditioning, industrial refrigeration three categories Products, including centrifugal / magnetic levitation / flooded / falling film screw series chillers, heat pump units, air-cooled screw series heat pump (chiller) unit, vortex series heat pump (chiller) unit, cryogenic series chillers, evaporative cold water Unit-based highly competitive product line.

24 2018-01
Congratulations on the success of Shanghai NULE cold and warm Equipment Co., Ltd.Website

  Congratulations on the success of Shanghai NULE cold and warm Equipment Co., Ltd.Website Thank you for the technical support of our company. Welcome new and old friends to visit our website.

24 2018-01
Food safety issues Frequent demand for refrigeration equipment

  The problem of food safety is frequent because of many reasons. One of the reasons that can not be ignored is improper storage. Food transport, storage process, there are many variables that directly affect the quality of food, especially the cold food storage, transportation requirements will be higher. In recent years, the chilled market has been expanding and the demand for refrigeration equipment has also been increasing. Refrigeration equipment is playing an increasingly important role.

24 2018-01
Successfully developed frequency conversion digital scroll unit

  Shanghai Nuo cold has always been its high quality, perfect after-sales service, and excellent unit performance, the majority of customers affirmed. After half a year of research and repeated testing, we finally succeeded in developing an efficient digital scroll unit that we all look forward to. As soon as the products were launched, they were favored by Shanghai customers. On February 25, 2013, the Company signed 10 preliminary units Used in the purification plant, laying a solid foundation for long-term cooperation.

24 2018-01
My company and a military equipment company in North Korea once again signed a contract

  My company for a military equipment company in North Korea designed and manufactured high-precision temperature-controlled chiller has been recognized by the DPRK side, the recent North Korean customers once again to our company ordered a unit with the chiller, the unit temperature control accurate to plus or minus 0.1 degrees, and Strong stability in long-term operation In the same industry equipment in the country has become second to none.

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