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Homepage » News » Industry News » The 2012 economic "winter" really come?
The 2012 economic "winter" really come?
Learned "Chemical Ali released June 14 by the National Energy Board data show that January to May, the total electricity consumption totaled 1.96 trillion kwh, up 5.8%, the growth rate down 6.2 percentage points for 2009 Lu Junling, the cumulative growth rate of the lowest recorded since December. deputy inspector of the National Development and Reform Commission to regulate economic Bureau, said the the electricity overall decline is mainly reflected in the secondary industry, industrial electricity growth rate dropped, reflecting the increasing pressure of the economic downturn. The slowdown in electricity demand also led to significantly reduce electricity shortfall this year, said Lu Junling, is expected to peak hours this year, the country's largest electricity shortfall of about 18 million, will be significantly lower than in previous years. from electricity Association data show, this year marked decline in electricity consumption, larger metallurgical, mechanical power than running low power consumption, power companies feel the cold. "
    Beginning in 2003, a round of "rolling blackouts" sweeping the country, but this year the situation will change. Experts pointed out that, as the vane and barometer of the degree of economic boom, this year's total electricity consumption is always running low, evidence of the expected economic slowdown. "However, the economic growth rate to fall moderately, not a bad thing."
    Therefore, the economic downturn is the main cause of corroboration energy consumption declined. The National Bureau of Statistics figures show that GDP rose 8.1% in the first quarter of this year. Although this figure is still 8%, but this figure was slightly lower than the agencies above, various scholars widely predicted, compared to 8.9% in the fourth quarter of last year low of 0.8 percent, but also declined in five consecutive quarters.
    Will come not from another perspective, however, such as lower power consumption, prevent electricity shortage appears.
    For businesses, the 2012 current situation is not optimistic, especially in June, the heat of summer, entrepreneurs feel the "winter", each of the changing economic situation are the market's Nirvana, excessive complain pessimistic to no avail, the enterprise is aware of how to make internal adjustments to adapt to such changes, perhaps the upgrading of the industrial structure is also unknown at this opportunity.
    Our business, for example, because the products are plastics, PU, nylon, PVC, EVA, PE and PP have "winter" Let companies clearly recognize the importance of a stable solid and dry, due to PU tube (high pressure soft gripper tube), hose and hose products and market position based on the domestic and focus on quality and customer service, by the impact Fortunately, production workshop is still normal and orderly operation of the two classes.