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Transparent Teflon tube
Specializing in the production of Teflon tube (F46, FEP), high quality and low price! Various colors, specifications can be customized for the customer, welcome to order! Fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP), also known as F46 and teflon Teflon the Dragon (Teflon)! FEP substantially retain the performance of PTFE such as: the excellent high temperature resistance, chemical stability, electrical insulating properties, projecting not sticky and high mechanical strength. But is more elastic than PTFE and transparency, and only in the high temperature limit lower than PTFE, 50 ° C. (FEP) Teflon sleeve has excellent resistance to high and low temperature, transparency, resistance to corrosion resistance, wear resistance, electrical characteristics with adhesion, can be widely used in wire coating, anti-corrosion sets, insulation sets, transmission of gas, liquid conduit and automotive throttle cable casing. Applicable to the defense, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, electronics, telecommunications, textiles, automotive, aerospace and other industries. The product complies with QB / T 3624-99 professional standards,